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Barb Ryman: Videos & Links

Barb Ryman on Facebook
Barb Ryman's EPK at Sonicbids
Nursery Rhymes Music Video

Jane O'Holly Productions created this music video to Barb's song Nursery Rhymes:

Barb Ryman live performance -"Nursery Rhymes"

211 Barb Ryman from Mad Toast Live on Vimeo.

Barb Ryman singing Catch The Sunset on KARE 11 TV

Barb Ryman's Concerts In Your Home page

A lttile sample of Barb performing in a house concert. Want to host one? Contact us at and we'll arrange it.  Also visit the Concerts In Your Home website for lots of information on how to host a house concert and get in on the fun.


Comedian Tommy Ryman

My favorite comedian....also my son. We occasionally do music-comedy shows together called the "Tommy and His Mommy Show." Check out some of his videos below. I also do occasional shows with another of my favorite musical comedians, Mary Mack.

Pictured: Barb with her "dear" comic cohorts, Tommy Ryman and Mary Mack

Some samples of Tommy's stand-up and sketch comedy



"Tommy Calls His Mommy" ** I must preface this video. Tommy told me he wo uld be ca lling me during one of his shows and asked me NOT to say “love you” which is how I usually end our phone calls. I thought this was to avoid embarrassing him in public, but the joke was on me!


Dancing - This makes me so happy...have to share

Music Links

Folk Alliance
the industry service organization for Folk music in North America. Excellent resources and information
Concerts In Your Home
Want to attend or put on a house concert? Here's a good site for information.
Sing Out!
a long standing quarterly folk journal

Informative reviews of acoustic music. You'll find my CD, Falling Down To Heaven reviewed here: and the new CD, Catch The Sunset, is in the current issue.

Some of my favorite songwriters

Shawn Colvin
Iris Dement
Danny Schmidt
Kate Wolf
Sloan Wainwright
and her nephew, Rufus Wainwright

Others Topics

Katelyn Mariah
A visionary artist. Katelyn did the cover art on my CD, Falling Down To Heaven. I love her work.
Frequencies of Brilliance
Frequencies of Brilliance is a unique energy healing technique that involves the activation of energetic doorways on the body, and introduces high-level Frequencies into the emotional and physical bodies. It works within all the cells and with the entire nervous system which activates new areas of the brain. I've been trained in this system and am a certified Frequencies of Brilliance practitioner.
Fons Koopman's Art
Fons is a friend from my Frequencies of Brilliance training who resides in the Netherlands. He is also an artist who creates beautiful energetic orbs full of light, color and inspiration.


Emotional Technologies
Cat Thompson is a friend and founder of Emotional Technologies. She is doing really creative and cutting egde work in providing a practical model of emotional evolution
Scout Cloud Lee
Scout is a friend, inspirational speaker, singer-songwriter, author and more...even a survivor on the reality TV show!
Right Use Of Will
The official website of the Right Use of Will books. These books have been powerfully helpful in my own spiritual-emotional journey.
Earthdance - Peace Watch