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Barb Ryman: News

Breathe - Top Ten on NACC charts - May 17, 2019

I'm happy to report that my new CD "Breathe" has charted in the Top Ten on the North American College and Radio Chart for folk album. Check the Product page for links to where you can digital download or purchase the physical CD.Barb_Ryman_breathe_cover_medium.jpeg

Barb's River Work - September 28, 2018

To date I've worked at the source of over 200 rivers! Below is an interactive map that pinpoints the locations where I've carried out the process and left lemurian crystals. Zoom in or out to explore. Click on the location markers for photos and more info.  Blue markers are the river sources. Yellow markers are other special places visited along the way. Visit my new website Crystalline River, devoted exclusively to the river work.

rio_crop.jpg     Thank You!

Since 2012 I've been working energetically with rivers all across the U.S. For more information, pictures and a description of this work go to the River Work Facebook page. Like the page so you can receive updates.  My next river tours will be in Spring and Summer of 2017.  It is with deep gratitude that I carry out this work and you can be a part of it as well by donating towards the costs. If you feel called to support in this way, please click the donate button above   Thank you! 

Love and many blessings, Barb

Just Released! New Collaborative Project - May 12, 2016


It's been my great pleasure to compose and record the musical backdrop to Christine Day's teachings and transmissions on this audio download. I have been training with Christine since 2008 in an energetic healing modality called Frequencies of Brilliance. I've always known my music to be healing so this project has been a natural fit. Produced by Alisa Logan, this powerful one hour recording contains three tracks, Letting Go, I Am Human, Sacred Heart.  To purchase click here

Kickstarter campaign for my River Work - March 25, 2015

Support my kickstarter project River Work:

Music Video to Barb's song "Nursery Rhymes" - December 5, 2014

Hey, my first ever music video!  Check it out.

Jane O'Holly Productions created this music video to Barb's song Nursery Rhymes:

THE NEW CD IS HERE !!! - August 8, 2011

CATCH THE SUNSET - Start player at top of page to sample 


Great news, the new CD, CATCH THE SUNSET, Charted #15 across the nation in its first month on the Folk Chart's most played albums.  It's available via links on the website or if you can't wait another minute click here now: 

Barb Ryman: Catch The Sunset


If you live in Minnesota, the local CD release concert happens on August 21 at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater in Minneapolis. Click below to reserve. This fall I tour northwest U.S in October and Northeast U.S in November. Check the Calendar page for details.

CD Release Concert 


I’m setting up the U.S. tour now which will follow the Minnesota release. For those of you who book venues or present house concerts, contact me now to be included when I tour your region. I’m so looking forward to seeing you at one of the live shows!   

Winter News - February 2, 2010

Tomorrow is the Tommy and His Mommy Show!

Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre
Tommy and His Mommy Show - 10:00 pm (doors open at 9:30)
810 W. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
Price: $8 at door

Other News:

This winter my focus is on writing so I’m not touring at the moment. I go to Brazil in March to continue my training in Frequencies of Brilliance. April I’ll be in the studio to start recording the new CD. May takes me abroad again, this time to Belgium for more training. My performances and touring will start up in earnest with the release of the new CD which will probably happen this summer or fall. If you can’t wait that long for a live show, think about hosting a house concert. Contact me directly via this email address if this interests you.

O yes, and Happy Birthday to me! This may sound a bit corny, but I’m really grateful I was born. In fact, this morning , I felt the presence of both my departed mother and father and was absolutely filled with gratitude and love that they brought me into this world. Thanks mom and dad!

My friend Antanas “Tony” Levinskas is up for the reality TV show Survivor. Take a look at this 1 minute clip from his audition video: Please support Tony. It’s been a dream of his for quite a while. He’s a great guy and I know he’d be great on the show. If his video is chosen for the final ten videos, he then has a shot at being selected for the show.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful day and remember music enhances our lives in so many ways. I recommend a daily dose.

Peace & love,

Barb Ryman News – Fall 2009 - September 3, 2009

Hey Peoples!

It’s been a very long time since the last newsletter and now we’re approaching Fall! Summer was a whirlwind of important events in my life. I spent most of June in Belgium furthering my training in Frequencies of Brilliance, and August in Minnesota with Amanae Brainwork. These are amazing & powerful systems of opening doorways and anchoring in self-healing on many levels. If you would like to know more, I've added a page to this site devoted to this work:
My mother passed away this summer so I have spent time with family, grieving and remembering the remarkable woman who was my mother. Those of you who have my song “Fly Like and Eagle” know it is all about my dear mom, and loved ones who have departed before us. It was an honor to sing it at her service. I miss her.

Thanks to all who came out for the annual Lake Harriet Concert. For those who were planning to attend the August 29 show at the 318 café in Excelsior, MN, it has been postponed to December 19. I’ve been nursing some tendonitis in my playing arm and needed to give it a break. It’s already very much improved and will be in good form for the Fall shows. Below is the schedule which includes concerts in Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas and Minnesota. Check the website from time to time as more shows may be added. Hope you all had a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you this Fall!

Peace & Love, Barb

Fall News - September 1, 2008

Hope you've all had a wonderful summer. Mine ended with a lovely weekend in the Lake Superior area where I performed as a Big Top Chautauqua songwriter finalist along with 20 other fine songwriters from around the country. My days were spent enjoying some beautiful hikes in the national forest and along the south shore of Lake Superior. I found spectacular views of the sea caves and the weather was perfect!

Performing "Strawberry Pie" at Big Top Chautauqua.

Locally, I perform September 3, 7:00 pm as part of sample night at the Bryant Lake Bowl. I'll be giving a 10 minute sample of my music to promote my appearance at Acadia Café on Saturday, Sept 13. At Sample Night you'll also get to see 10 other acts, from comedy to music to performance art and more. The September 13 show at Acadia is part of KFAI's Roots night. Hosted by DJ, Ellen Stanley, it will feature myself, Dan Gaarder (of Trailer Trash & Roe Family Singers), Jeremy Greenhouse (of the Sweet Colleens) and Ellen doing a few Mother Banjo originals. The Fall schedule also takes me to Madison, WI and Phoenix, AZ for the Far-West conference.

June Update - June 10, 2008

Barb Ryman – June update:


Hey all! I'm back and recovering from over a month on the road!...performing across South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado at some very warm and welcoming concert series. Thanks to those of you who came out and all the new folks I met. Other highlights included some beautiful day hikes in the Cascade mountains of WA and Wallawa mountains of eastern OR. Ironically, hikes in the wilderness proved safer than my excursion into one of the towns I was staying. Gave myself a big shiny black-eye as I cracked my head on the car door frame trying to escape an aggressive snarling dog on the loose! Never a dull moment on the road!

The tour ended with 10 days at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Had an incredible time! Every night played in fabulous song circles until the wee hours with great songwriters like Jonathan Byrd, Chuck Brodsky, Karen Mall, Buddy Mondlock, Devon Sproule, Amy Speace and Eric Schwartz. Bill Nash was gracious enough to invite me into his camp 'Nashbill' where I occasionally got some sleep. Also bumped into and hung out some with my fellow Midwest songwriters, Johnsmith, Ellis, Justin Roth, and Bill Isles. Absolutely will be making Kerrville a yearly ritual! Here are a few photos courtesy of Neale Eckstein. He has a great collection of photos at

SONiA, Terry Irons, and Barb being moved by the Music to Life concert. 
Having a good time at Camp Nashville with Stephanie Corby & others.
Tune into No Lies Radio this week to hear my interview on Backstage with Teri Perticone. No Lies is a news, talk and music internet station that’s all about peace, justice, earth & spirit. They’ve been playing a couple of my songs, “This Empire is Falling” and “Temple of the Moon” over the past few months. The interview will air at 3 pm Pacific, 5 pm Central, 6 pm Eastern this Saturday & Sunday, June 14 & 15, and again at 8 pm pacific, 10 pm Central, 11 pm Eastern on Wed, June 18. Go to to listen online


I have a few midwest shows coming up this month including the annual concert at Lake Harriet on June 21...bring your friends, family, pets and picnic....nothing better than music at the lake when its summer in Minneapolis! Go to Calendar on the menu bar for the full schedule.

New Song - Soldier's Daughter - January 29, 2008

Many of you have be asking about my new song "Soldier's Daughter." It might be a while before I get it out on CD, but you can listen to it streaming at this link And below is a YouTube video where I play it live at the Back Room concert in Great Bend, Kansas. Many thanks to Don Shorock for making this available. He also put 4 other videos up. Search YouTube for my name and you'll find them. Also check out my Links & Video page where you'll find the infamous "Ode To Low Self Esteem" and a clip of my son, Tommy Ryman, doing some stand-up.

Winter Newletter - November 24, 2007

Iowa shows are coming up this week, and tune into KUNI radio, 7:00 pm central time this Monday. I will be performing in a live broadcast hosted by Karen Impola, “Live From Studio One”. If you don’t live in Iowa, you can still listen online at
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a time to be full with gratitude, and that I, friends and music top my list. I so enjoyed the fall tours and am still recovering from three weeks and 5000 miles on the West tour. Thanks to all of you in SD, MT, WA, OR, CA , AR, NM, CO who came out for the shows. I returned to some favorite venues in South Dakota and Montana. Then shared the stage with some awesome guitarists at the Caterina Winery in Spokane Washington, Jonathan Nicholson and Michael Millham. I highly recommend their music. Did lots of showcasing at the FAR-West Folk Alliance conference in Vancouver, WA. It was great to see some old friends and make new connections. Did my first ever show in Monterey, CA, and then enjoyed 100 miles of gorgeous coastal highway before turning east for shows in the great Southwest...Flagstaff and Santa Fe. It was on this leg of the tour that I crossed 200,000 miles. I marked the occasion with a photo of my odometer and the views out the car windows.
Interestingly, 200,000 miles came as I drove rural highway 46/41 entering Cholame, California, the exact place where James Dean had his fatal crash...kind of eerie!! Fortunately, my little Toyota and I faired better than James Dean and his infamous Porsche. The mechanics tell me there’s at least 100,000 more miles in my trusty little tour on my sweet little vehicle. (I have discovered that complimenting and sweet talking my car really works!)
In Denver I performed at the D Note in the most diverse musical lineup of my touring career. I played after a local high school jazz band and was followed by an all girl post core heavy metal band, creepskope. I really enjoyed the metal band. We had a great conversation on issues of women in music and are now myspace friends. Another highlight was visiting the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. They have the most incredible collection of old musical instruments. I thought I had died and gone to musical instrument heaven. By the way, I will be giving a noon show at the National Music Museum in February.

Below is a photo of winners at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, where I performed my winning song “Strawberry Pie”...great festival...great people...great fun!
Speaking of instruments and “Strawberry Pie” I finally purchased my very own ukulele so I can perform “Strawberry Pie” as it was meant to be presented. As you can see, I was given a quick lesson from my dog, Bear.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the little photo album with this newsletter. Things slow down this winter. I’m going to take some time to write, and will be giving some Midwest concerts in Iowa, Northern Minnesota, Kansas, and South Dakota. In January, I’ll head to Florida for warmth, performances, and the South Florida Folk Festival. Check the website for additions and changes to the schedule. Stay warm and remember Barb Ryman CDs make great holiday gifts! You can purchase them on the website at using Paypal
or at my favorite online CD store, CDBABY at

Fall News - September 6, 2007

I’m very pleased to announce that my song “Strawberry Pie” won in the category of ‘Feelin Good’ song with the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield Kansas, I’ll be giving a stage performance on September 15 at the festival. This song is also being considered for the Showtime TV series, Weeds. The other name for this song is “Mary Jane” a natural fit, don’t you think!

Highlights of the summer included a co-bill with my son and stand-up comic, Tommy Ryman, at the historic Rising Star Mill. Between his set and the topical humor songs, there were lots of laughs had by all. Also did a show with some great percussion backup from my transplanted Minneapolis friend, JJ, aka Jennifer Jones, now in Milwaukee.

After a special hometown concert, I get very busy with touring, primarily around the Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. To my friends in the East...I know its been way too long! I hope to be out your way in Spring. I’ll also be at two folk conferences this Fall showcasing my music: FARM (Folk Alliance Midwest Region) in northern Illinois and the Far-West Folk conference in Vancouver WA. Check the Calendar for the full schedule.

Summer News - June 1, 2007

I’m staying close to home this summer and playing some outdoor concerts and summer concerts series in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The touring begins in earnest in the Fall with shows in Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nebraska. Winter plans are Southern US & Florida. Spring will be the East Coast.
I’ll be kicking off the summer with my favorite summer concert spot in the Twin Cities, the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Friday, June 8th, 7:30 pm is the date. Bring friends, the kids, the picnic, the family pet or whatever and come out for this free concert. The new CD, Earthbound, will be available at the show.

I’d like to highlight a co-bill I’m doing with my funny son, Tommy Ryman. Now, I don’t mean I have a weird son, I mean he’s a very talented comic and we’re doing a show together at the Rising Star Mill in Nelsonville, Wisconsin in early August. We’ll also be part of a pride event this weekend in Pine City, MN (see schedule below). Go to the Links page of my website,, and hit the link to Tommy’s site. There’s also a link to his video “Girlfriend” which won 1st place in a Minneapolis short film contest. Also, go to the Music/Listen page and get this month’s free Barb Ryman download (more about this below), a comedy song that’s also on the new CD.

As a songwriter, I’ve had a number of people ask me, with all that’s going on with the war in Iraq and our government, where are the protest songs? Well, actually there are thousands of protest songs being written, but unfortunately the big corporate owned radio stations and music industry are not playing them. Neil Young has a page on his site where he’s been gathering songwriters’ protest songs and listing them with a link to where you can hear them. There are close to two thousand songs listed. Mine is called “This Empire Is Falling” and it’s #180 in the rankings. Go to Find some that resonate with you and ask your local radio to play them. There is a huge voice of the people that needs to be heard and we can start making it heard in these kind of acts.

I’ve decided as a gift to my fans to offer a free download of one of my songs each month. Go to the music page on the website,, and there will be a featured song you can download. I only ask that in return, you direct a friend or two to the download...its one more way you can spread the word about the music. It will change each month so check the website monthly to get a new download. You can also sample many other songs by streaming audio. And if you really want to support me as an independent artist, buy the get all the songs together as they were sequenced for emotional affect, along with lyrics, production notes, and all the lovely artwork. This month’s feature is “Spam Me” a parody on email spam put to the old Roger Miller song “Dang Me”...enjoy!

Spring News - April 1, 2007

Have you been to the Bob Dylan exhibit at the Weisman Museum? I highly recommend it. Last week, I had the pleasure of being a part of Bob Dylan Symposium. This was a 3 day international conference sponsored by the Weisman and the University of Minnesota. There were scholars in fields of English, literature, musicology, history, creative writing, cultural studies. There were poets, writers and music critics. They came from all around the world. Now I know Bob Dylan is a music icon, but I was blown away to find he is studied so deeply and extensively. I had know idea and I learned a lot. I was invited to be on a panel of Minnesota songwriters giving our perspective on Dylan’s legacy:

Included were Paul Metsa, Matthew Friedberger (out of photo frame), Dylan Hicks, Adam Levy, Barb Ryman, and Dan Israel.

I’m home for the Spring and plan to do some writing and catch up on a lot of music business. I am looking for Midwest shows to fill during this time, so if you’d like to host a house concert, this would be a great time to contact me at and arrange that.

Summer, will involve a number of outdoor concerts in the Midwest and some dates in California. Check the Calendar schedule later for specifics. In the Fall, I'll be on an extended tour in Mountain states and Pacific Northwest.

Happy Spring
Barb Ryman

The CD Release of Earthbound - March 1, 2007

A big thank you to those hearty and supportive Minnesotans who came out for the CD release despite the mega snowstorm! I know many of you could not make it and were planning to get your CD at the concert. Here in Minneapolis, you’ll find it in at the Electric Fetus at 4th Ave & Franklin or Homestead Pickin Parlor on Penn & 66th. Online, you'll find it at CD baby, or if you prefer PayPal go to and click the paypal link. Both are safe & secure. You can also purchase by mail. Send a check for $15.00 to Renegade Productions, P.O. Box 24194, Minneapolis MN, 55424. We’re offering free shipping at this time.

New CD Earthbound! - February 7, 2007

February news: The new CD, Earthbound, is here and the Release Concert is February 25 at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Percussionist, Marc Anderson, and Bassist, Enrique Toussaint, will be my special guests. The Cedar is the premier Twin Cities venue for Folk and World music, and I’m delighted to celebrate the release with you at this fine venue. Reserve your tickets now at
Earthbound was recorded in St. Paul with engineer and co-producer Marc Anderson. It features 14 original songs, ranging from contemporary folk ballads to traditional, country gospel & bluegrass. Lyrically, it traverses the Earth, the heart, mysteries of God, politics, women, love, disillusionment, joy, and the whimsical. The CD also features Peter Ostroushko’s mandolin and fiddle, Adam Granger’s flat picking, Prudence Johnson’s vocal harmonies and Dirk Freymuth’s electric guitar. Percussionist, Marc Anderson, & bassist, Enrique Toussaint, also grace the album and will be accompanying Barb at the live concert.

Included on this release are the title track "Earthbound" a lively celebration of the creative process, "90 Years 28 Moves", the melancholic tale of an old woman who can’t settle down, "This Empire Is Falling", a challenge to the power elite and a call for change, "Song For the Mother’s Gospel", an archetypal questioning of the fate of God the Mother in the face of praises for God the Father, and in keeping with her gift for topical humor, "Spam Me", an adaptation of Roger Miller’s "Dang Me" bemoaning the woes of email spam.

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