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Breathe - CD





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Catch The Sunset - New CD Release!

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Barb Ryman, celebrates the release of her sixth CD, CATCH THE SUNSET, charted #15 across the nation on the Folk charts, tt's a sweet melodic ride flowing from intimate personal confessions to wise cultural commentaries to whimsical love stories and adventures of the heart. Known for her topical diversity, this collection of songs takes on such subjects as corporate greed, the joy of nature, voices from fallen soldiers, fondness for gayness, our nation’s shadow, unicorns & castles, artistic determination, and love stories in their lost, found and enduring variations. A year in the making, Ryman co-produced CATCH THE SUNSET with renowned percussionist, Marc Anderson. It also boasts some of the great players of the Midwest including Prairie Home Companion musicians Prudence Johnson on harmonies and Peter Ostroushko on mandolin and fiddle. There’s a host of other supporting players sprinkled throughout the CD, including the beautiful bass of Enrique Touissaint, who when not doing studio work tours with Paul Anka.

Barb Ryman: Catch The Sunset
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Earthbound - CD

CD Falling Down To Heaven

Barb Ryman, "Falling Down to Heaven”

Review: "The Minneapolis Star Tribune had it right. Barb Ryman wears her heart on her sleeve. All the better to touch yours. Try not to be moved by the poignancy of "So Hard to Let You Go" in the face of Ryman's multi-leveled, plaintive repeat of, "I can't move it all". It's a tale of loss made more tender through simple details ("stored in boxes in the room behind the den", "we had plans to paint this room") ana simple arrangement that colors Ryman's Cotton picking with splashes of steel drum, whispered harmonies, and concertina (I think). Another highlight, "Ballad of a Drowning Woman", tells the harrowing tale of a desperate single mother on a journey to the New World. Ryman effectively creates a piece that could be a traditional ballad with authentic-sounding lyrics ("I begged that a maid or a servant I'd be/to earn passage for my family") and more clean finger picking, this time in d minor, the saddest key of all. Everyone's journeying somewhere on "Falling Down to Heaven". Grandpa prepares to "Fly Like an Eagle" to heaven. The protagonist of "Born in a Snowstorm" wrestles with her faith in Jesus as she moves north. The CD finds Ryman uncharacteristically serious throughout, on her own spiritual quest for rebirth voiced in songs like "Paradise" and the countryish anthem "Rise Again". Along for the trip is some high-powered help in the form of luminaries like Irish-American accordion virtuoso John Williams, Steve Tibbetts, and Peter Ostroushko (soloing exquisitely in "Rise Again"). And what an emotional, sweetly acoustic trip it is."
David Kleiner, Minor
Barb Ryman: Falling Down To Heaven
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CD Like A Tree

"Ryman's songs of faith display wonder, awe and acceptance."
Sing Out!

"For her third album Ryman has come up with an interesting bunch of songs about the myths of our times....a simple song about wife-battering called 'The Pain' which features an ancient Swedish vocal technique called Kulning. 'Mother Mary Margaret Iris' questions the vows of chastity imposed on Catholic priests and nuns. 'Temple of the Moon' and 'God Came & He Sat On My Bed' also offer unusual perspectives on religion. 'Queen of the Couch' is a folk-blues song about her 'schmoozing snoozing pooch.' The title track is a metaphor for the attainment of environmental and spiritual well-being. 'Rapture of the Socks' is a phantasmagoria about the perennial mystery of the socks that disappear in every laundry. Some of the dozen or so musicians helping out include of few of the best in the Minneapolis region such as Peter Ostroushko and Dan Newton."
Dirty Linen

Barb Ryman: Like A Tree
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CD Lay Me Open

"Ryman took a 20-year break from songwriting and consequently didn't make her stage debut until she was 40. But in the past few years, this coffeehouse folkie has been making up for lost time. This sophomore CD is a well-crafted collection of unexpected songs about diverting topics: university and hospital bureaucracy, playing to tiny crowds and a crazy street person named Maggie. Ryman has a clear and winsome voice, a ready sense of humor, a short-story writer's flair for detail and an excellent cast of local supporting musicians."
Tom Surowic
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Barb Ryman's talent unfolds on 'Lay Me Open' ... you can't help being amazed at the power of her presence and the sound of her voice. You can't help but listen."
Jim Walsh - St. Paul Pioneer Press
Barb Ryman: Lay Me Open
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CD Winds of Good Fortune

"Barb Ryman characterizes herself as "singer songwriter, love junkie, and cultural critic." Judging by the Minneapolis resident's debut CD, Winds of Good Fortune, that description hits close to the mark. Ryman's 11 originals focus on matters of the heart, and the travails of trying to be fully present in America of the Nineties. The title song is a stirring celebration of renewed optimism that showcases Ryman's powerful, slightly twangy soprano. A trio of funny but penetrating songs, Ode to Low Self Esteem, Deep Blue, and Recovering Process Junkie take affectionate aim at the self-help industry. On Winds of Good Fortune, Barb Ryman proves herself a strong vocalist, talented composer, and an astutely irreverent student of the human condition."
Dirty Linen Magazine
Barb Ryman: Winds Of Good Fortune
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